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From the Desk of Deaconess Pam

Resurrection. It’s an Easter theme, since Easter will be just past when this newsletter goes out—and indeed we will still be in the Season of Easter for a few weeks yet—I thought resurrection is something work thinking about.

Resurrection = returning from the dead or rising again. We often limit this term to a religious meaning: Jesus‘ miraculous rising to new life after being crucified and buried. But there are broader meanings, aren’t there? After the L-O-N-G winter we have endured, it is such a relief to have a sense of resurrection as we see signs of spring. The ice, that made for all kinds of sports, including sledding and fishing and skating, is now breaking up and melting away. Sap is flowing. Rivers and streams are flowing too. Tender green shoots are starting to poke their heads up out of the earth. Robins and other spring heralds have arrived and are building nests, setting up for another season of mating and raising hatchlings. Even our own bodies show some signs of waking up out of our wintertime hibernation: we want to get out in the sunshine and dig in the earth; we want to go for walks and talk to people again.

Spring is a time that reminds us of the circle of life. The death and decay of winter makes way for new life in the spring, green sprouts and fiddleheads, unfurling in the forest. Downy wee chicks, all eyes and beaks, chirping to be fed. Seedlings that burst forth after the right amount of sunshine and rain to bless the world with the next generation of grain or flower or fruit. Bees and other pollinators that flit and fly between the blossoms, guaranteeing the next harvest. What would we do without these important components? Life on earth is like a precariously-balanced Jenga puzzle, and if too many of the pieces are taken away or removed, the whole tower of life crashes into destruction.

I think that is why Earth Day always happens in the spring (this year on Monday April 22), when the earth itself celebrates resurrection.  It’s a time for us to think about our home on Planet Earth and what we are doing to make sure our home is in good order, healthy, and sustainable into the future. Because the reality is, we are only here on this good earth for a little while. Lorna’s article in this newsletter challenges us as individuals to think about our impact on the earth and what we can each do to make the planet a good home for our children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Your church councils are exploring the idea of resurrection as a “new beginning” and what it might look like if all three congregations came together to form ONE congregation worshipping in ONE building with ONE worship service each week. This is only in the discussion stage now and the visioning will not happen until the new pastor is on site, but it is something to think about as you go forward. After all, a healthy congregation shares some of the same goals as a healthy planet: a willingness to think and plan for the next generations, and sustainability for the future.

With you in His service,

Deaconess Pam


                                       NEW BEGINNINGS.


Here we are again.  Spring.  2019.  New season.  We are now again starting

new beginnings for this year.  Grass is greening up, flowers are poking their leaves

and heads through the earth, birds are now waking us in the morning, Beautiful

sun rises to see, basically the earth is coming alive again as it does each spring. New beginnings.  We are again beginning a new season, new hopes, plans, dreams.  The dictionary says Rejuvenation means to make young or new again.  Spring. Trees

shoot out new limbs, and leaves.  Flowers – from dead like roots or seeds will shoot out new growth, grass will turn from brown to green.  Birds are building nests to lay eggs and have their young.  Farms are bursting with new life as livestock has new babies to add to the herds or flocks. We are also entering a new season.  Lent has come and gone, Easter

has come and gone. 

We have walked the Lenten path, wept at the cross and closed grave.  We have  stood

at the open grave shouting alleluia – He lives.  But what does this mean to us.  Will we continue on our usual way, taking God’s gifts for granted, abusing the gifts He has given

to us, being wasteful, careless and thoughtless when it comes to things like water, the earth, the air and all of his creatures – mankind included.  Will we take time each day to thank Him for the wonderful gifts we have, and try to do our part in looking after them, or will we continue on our merry way – hoping and expecting someone else to do the job.  Rejuvenation begins with us.  We can do our part in keeping this wonderful place called earth healthy and productive.  We can start by, first of all each day thanking God for all his gifts and really thinking of what they are.  Fresh air, green grass, rain, snow, gently breezes or strong winds, all have a purpose and place in his creation.  Then let us think of ways

to keep these precious gifts in good condition.  We can start by not running the tap for a cold glass of water for 10 minutes.  Let it run for 1 and put an ice cube in the glass.  Do

we really need to stand under the shower for 20 minutes?  Would 10 not do it just as well. What about running the car for the air conditioning or heater?  Would 5 minutes do it instead of the 10-15 we do now? When we go shopping, can we not take our reusable bags, and not count on the plastic ones from the stores?  What if we concentrated on something each week, - and worked all week at trying not to waste, to share with our neighbours, look after each other and God’s gifts.  Do you think by the end of summer we might make a small difference? 

I believe we would and at the same time, show God we are thankful for all of his gifts and that we are truly trying to, first of all look after them and secondly to be worthy of them.

I’ll even bet that I will feel pretty good about what I am doing.  I’m going to give it a try.

How about you?


                                             -Lorna Turner

Notices: Spring Clean up Dates

Grace Thursday May 2, 2019 – starting at 8:30.  Any volunteer help will be greatly appreciated.


Monday, May 6th at 6:30 PM – The Outside.

Saturday May 25th at 8:30 AM – The Inside..

Clean up Day at Camp Lutherlyn. Saturday – May 4

 It's not onerous work but volunteers are needed to do the job.  It involves light cleaning inside and out for 1 or 2 cabins and  some raking to tidy up the area around the cabins so they're ready for the campers.  The date is Saturday May 4th. Crews arrive about 10:00

and work until 2:00 or 3:00, with a light lunch served.  The camp survives on volunteers

doing a good portion of the work for clean up and getting ready for the summer season. 

Notice to all Grace Members

Although we tried to complete the changes to the Constitution on April 7th, because we

did not meet our quorum requirement, we will be holding another meeting at the begin-

ing of the Service on May 12th, to complete this before a new Minister arrives.  We do

however need your co-operation.  Please plan to attend so we can get this matter fin-

alized.  There is a tape available for review covering the changes that were discussed.  Please contact the office if you wish to listen to it.


Reminder:  Confirmation Sunday – June 9th - Service at Grace will be 11:00 AM and not 10:30.  Service at Augsburg will remain at 9:00 AM


Notice to all members.  Watch your bulletins and listen to your Church Announcements
each Sunday.  Once the Call Committee  has made their recommendation to the various

Councils, there will be a Congregational Meeting called in each Parish to discuss and act on the Call Committee’s recommendation concerning the candidate for a possible future minister for our parishes.  It will be very important for all of  us to attend these meetings

and have our say in this process.


If you wish to sponsor a bulletin or the Guidepost please contact the office and advise

Lorna of the details.


Updating Records for Augsburg.

Please let BettyAnn Cayer know if you are aware of any wedding that took place in Augsburg while Pastor Greg was here.                    Phone # 613-625-2555