Lutheran church pastor

Rev. Ralph Weigold

Pastor of Grace Eganville, St. John's Bonnechere & St. John's Augsburg

“I am a strong believer in the presence of our Lord in all I do, and in the ministry of presence with all I meet. I also believe that it is important to be a presence in the community where I serve. I look forward in serving the good people here. 

Please do not hesitate to come and talk with me at the church office. I am usually in the church office weekday morning (Tuesday to Fridays) or you may call me at any time should you require an ear to listen or for a prayer.

God bless you all.”

More about Pastor Ralph

Reverend Ralph Weigold was born in Toronto on January 25th, 1953, where he grew up and lived until 2012.  Pastor Ralph is married to his wonderful wife Ellen, and together they have two (2) adult children.

Prior to becoming a pastor, the Reverend worked for Bell Canada for 31 years. However, he felt his true calling lay elsewhere. When Pastor Ralph was offered a retirement package from Bell Canada at age 52, this allowed him to pursue his calling to the Lord. 

Before entering seminary in Kitchener, Ontario, Pastor Ralph became a lay spiritual care provider at Oshawa General Hospital. During his seminary internship, Pastor Ralph was the spiritual care provider at Trinity Village Long Term Care facility in Kitchener for two (2) years where he provided spiritual care to all of the residents who were at various stages of dementia. Pastor Ralph also has a diploma in Lay Ministry from Wycliffe College

Pastor Ralph was ordained in July 2012 and his first call was to the Parish of New Denmark, New Brunswick. It consisted of shared services between two (2) churches, St Peter’s and Bethany Lutheran churches. For a two (2) year period, he also provided services at St. Ansgar’s Anglican Church while they were waiting for another priest to be assigned. In addition, during his final year in New Brunswick, Pastor Ralph was assigned as interim pastor at St. Mathew’s Lutheran church in Fredericton, NB, where he provided communion once a month. 

Pastor Ralph remained in New Denmark for seven (7) years before deciding it was time to move on. He accepted a call from Grace Lutheran Eganville in the spring of 2019, moved to Eganville in July and started his ministry here on August 1st, 2019. Pastor Ralph has enjoyed being in the Ottawa Valley and serving the good people of Grace, St. John’s Augsburg and St. John’s Bonnechere.


“The highest form of worship is preaching of God's Word.”

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