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Prayers & Reflections, For Sept 18th, 2022

Sunday, September 18, 2022

15th Sunday after Pentecost


 Introduction to the day

As we are invited today to consider what it means to be managers (rather than owners) of all that we have, it is crucial to recognize that we are bought with a price. “Christ Jesus, himself human, . . . gave himself a ransom for all.” Apart from the generosity of God we have nothing—we are nothing. By God’s gracious favor we have everything we need.



God among us, we gather in the name of your Son to learn love for one another. Keep our feet from evil paths. Turn our minds to your wisdom and our hearts to the grace revealed in your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.




 FIRST READING: Amos 8:4-7

Amos was called by God to prophesy in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Peace and prosperity in Israel led to corrupt business practices and oppression of the poor. The prophet declares that God will not tolerate such a situation.

Psalm: Psalm 113

The Lord lifts up the poor from the ashes. (Ps. 113:7)


Second Reading: 1 Timothy 2:1-7

The pastoral epistles offer insight into how early Christians understood many practical matters, such as church administration and worship. The church’s focused prayer for others is an expression of the single-minded passion God has toward us in Jesus.

Gospel: Luke 16:1-13

Jesus tells the curious story of a dishonest manager who cheats his employer and then is commended by him for having acted so shrewdly. Jesus wonders why his own followers are less creative and diligent in their stewardship given that they are managers of a far more valuable household.


The Grace of ConfusionIn today’s gospel, Jesus tells a challenging parable about a dishonest steward that ends with an unsettling moral: “And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of dishonest wealth so that when it is gone, they may welcome you into the eternal homes” (Luke 16:9).

Is Jesus being ironic or sincere? Do the characters in the story somehow represent our relationship with God? Are we supposed to emulate the dishonest steward? This text is filled with questions. If you find Jesus’ words today perplexing, even baffling, don’t worry—you are in good company. Both the details of the parable itself and the lesson Jesus is drawing from it have vexed and puzzled generations of the best interpreters, theologians, and preachers.

There are many plausible ways to explain what is happening and what it means for our lives as Christians that might be explored in your assembly today. At the same time, scriptures like this are a reminder that the life of discipleship does not always come with easy answers and neatly packaged meanings. The gospels frequently report moments when Jesus’ disciples simply could not understand what he was saying to them or profoundly misinterpreted his meaning.

The value of the community you join today does not come from the perfect understandings of either the assembly or its leaders. It comes from the one who continues to speak even when we do not understand, who daily affirms God’s love for us through the waters of baptism, who offers his own body and blood at the table each week for those who are still struggling and learning what it means to be his disciples—and that includes all of us. In short, the value of the community you join today comes from a Lord committed to leading us as disciples, even when we are unclear of the way.


Prayers of Intercession

As scattered grains of wheat are gathered together into one bread, so let us gather our prayers for the church, those in need, and all of God’s good creation.

Your people receive mercy and your grace overflows in our lives. Fill your church with faith and love, and give understanding hearts to those who work to strengthen our ecumenical and interreligious commitments. (Pause)God of grace, hear our prayer

Divine teacher, you instruct your children to be responsible stewards of your creation. Show us how best to care for the earth and its resources, and guide those who work to develop sustainable practices. God of grace, (Pause)God of grace, hear our prayer

Ruler of the nations, you direct those in authority. Give leaders wisdom and compassion so that all may live in peace. Inspire public servants to follow the example of courageous leaders  and safeguard the dignity of each person. God of grace,God of grace,hear our prayer.

Helper of the needy, you lift up those who are oppressed. Breathe justice into economic and social systems that perpetuate poverty and hunger. Sustain food ministries, clothing banks, and emergency shelters.God of grace,hear our prayer.

Sustainer and giver of life, you bless this congregation with abundance. Instruct us in the proper and faithful use of wealth and resources, that we share generously. You also care for those who are suffering in body mind and soul, we  especially pray for: Natasha Gagnon-Burchat, Nicole Gagnon, Alex Smith, Karen Weigold, Esther Hein, Marjorie Roberts, Keith Weckwerth, Ellie Sommerville, Clara Behm, Donna Behm, Gary Behm, Bruce McFarlane, Karen O’Day, Myles Newman, Delroy Hein, Ein Neuman, Cyril Waito, Shirley Glickman, Marilyn Schneider, Donna Hoffman, Denita Wolfgram, Stephanie Yourth, Christopher Yourth, Matthew Bowers, Linda Boland, Peter Howell, and Glenda Panke, and bring us with them to the heavenly feast that has no end.In this moment of silence, we pray out loud or in the quiet of our hearts, those who need your healing touch.  (Pause) God of grace,hear our prayer.

God of glory, you gather your saints around your throne. Keep us thankful for the witness of those who have gone before. And bring us with them to the heavenly feast that has no end. (Pause)God of grace, hear our prayer.

Gathered together in the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit, gracious God, we offer these and all our prayers to you; through Jesus Christ, our Savior.Amen.


Almighty God, Father, ☩ Son, and Holy Spirit, bless you now and forever.




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