Cemetery Bylaws                         Revised : February 2017




These bylaws apply to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery located in the Village of Eganville, and St. John's Lutheran Church Sebastopol Cemeteries located in Bonnechere Valley Township all in the county of Renfrew. The by-laws must be approved by the Church Council and the Congregation before receiving final approval from the Cemeteries Registrar of the Ministry of Consumer Services.


All changes or amendments to the by-laws are not in affect until submitted and approved by the Registrar.


Notice of the submission of changes to the by-laws will be posted in the Church and also recorded in the monthly congregational newsletter. Notice of changes to tlle by-laws must also be published once in a local newspaper, posted on a sign at the entrance to the Cemetery, and delivered to each supplier of markers who has delivered markers v.1thin the 12 preceding months.


Price Lists; Cemetery owners are only required to file prices for interment rights and for cemetery supplies and services which must be purchased from the owner. If the price list is for tl1e installation or maintenance of markers, confirmation that a copy has been delivered to each supplier of markers who delivered markers within the preceding 12 months must be on file and filed with the Registrar - this also includes pricing changes.


The Cemetery Committee members are appointed by the Church Council of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. The task of the Committee will be to maintain and enforce these by-laws. At least one Committee member shall supervise t1ie allotment of cemetery plots(burial sites). The Church Council has final authority on the decisions of tl,e Cemetery Committee. The Pastor, or those in Authority , of Grace Evangelieal Lutheran Church are responsible for tl1e dates and times of all Funeral or Memorial Services.




1)    An individual is entitled to interment rights on a single burial site and only a married couple may be entitled to interment rights to a double burial site. Double burial on a single burial site will be allowed only if one or both persons have been cremated.

Up to a total of six cremations will be allowed on a single burial site as long as all of the individuals are immediate family. Pricing will be determined based on the membership status of the first interred remains and the price list in effect at the time of interment.

A Member in good standing of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church does not require a reservation for a burial site. The Member is assured of a burial site.


2)     The person requesting a burial site shall be responsible for ;

a)  signing a contract for the Purchase of interment Rights if not a Member in

good standing of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church.

b)  all expenses involved.

c)  provide a burial permit or certificate of cremation before interment


3)     Non-members of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Eganville will have the following by-laws apply ;

a)     Interment Rights (burial sites) may only be sold by the Cemetery Co1mnittee.

b)    The Cemetery Committee will provide each Rights (burial site) owner at the time of sale with :

i)     a copy of the contract

ii)   a copy of the Cemetery by-lays

iii)  upon payment in full, a Certificate of lnterment Rights

c)     Any transfer of Interment Rights(burial sites) are to be approved by the Cemetery Committee ; upon approval the existing Certificate of Interment Rights must be returned by the Transferor and a new Certificate of Interment Rights will be issued to the Transferee.

d)   The Cemetery Committee shall repurchase the interment rights from any Interment Rights Holder within 30 days from the date the written demand was received. The repurchase price of the interment rights shall be determined by establishing the amount paid by the purchaser for the rights less the amount that the Cemetery Committee paid into the Care and Maintenance Fund, or the predecessor of such a fund, in respect of the interment rights.

e)    The Cemetery Committee does not sell cemetery supplies or services, they must be purchased from other sources other than the Cemetery Committee and adhere to the standards and restrictions of the remaining by-laws.


4)    All prices for cemetery sites (burial sites) and services shall be set out in the most recent tariff of rates filed with the Ministry of Consumer Services. Prices for sites (burial  sites) shall  include the  applicable  portion  for deposit  to the  cemeteries Care and Maintenance Fund (see schedule l prices)


5)    The dates and times for all Burials shall be set in consultation with the Pastor.


6)    Mo11ume11t Requirements

a)  Only one upright monument is allowed per burial site.

b)  No wood monuments or structures are permitted.

c)  Monuments may not be erected until the death of the individual.

d) All monuments to be erected shall be set upon a concrete base which will be a minimum of 4 feet in depth or government regulation (if greater), level v.ith the ground, and protruding 6 inches all around the base of the monument.

e) The Chairperson of the Cemetery Committee shall be notified as to the date and time the monument base is to be constructed.

f) No .inscription shall be placed on any monument or marker which is not in keeping with the dignity and decorum of a Christian Cemetery.

g) The maximum height from ground level of any upright marker shall not exceed

5 feet.

h)  All flat markers shall be at ground level.

i)  A notice of filing and the applicable by-laws filed with the Registrar will be delivered to each monument supplier who has delivered a marker within the past 12 month period.

j)  The installer of any monument or marker on the cemetery will be responsible for the payment to the Care and IV1aintenance Fund (see schedule 1).



7)    All cement, stone and other forms of enclosure are forbidden.


8)    General care of burial sites :

a)     No flowers or trees are to be planted

b)    Shrubs may be planted but only under the supervision of the Cemetery Committee.

c)     Any existing trees and shrubs that are in disrepair or dying will be removed by the Cemetery committee.

d)    No items are to be placed on a burial site or monument that would hinder

the proper care and maintenance of the site.

e)     Flowers (including artificial) may be place on the Cemetery for : Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Thanksgiving and the annual Cemetery Decoration Service. These items can remain there for up to one week and if not done so will be removed by the Cemetery committee for efficient maintenance of the property.

t) Saddle arrangements placed on monuments are permitted but must be removed by Thanksgiving weekend. They must also he kept in good repair or will be removed by the Cemetery Committee.

g) No artificial lighting ornaments or fixtures are permitted.


9)    Burials are permitted on the Cemetery from May 15th to November 1st, weather permitting. Burial requests outside this timeline could be permitted if the Cemetery Committee agrees that it would not create any unnecessary damage to the cemetery property. From November until May it would be anticipated the Community Vault would be used until interment could take place in the cemetery.

Cemetery By-laws - Schedule 1                            Revised February 2011



(only l total cost and remittance per burial site)










(the greater of



40% or $150.00)


Member in good standing




Grace Evangelical Lutheran Chm-ch Eganville


$    150.00


$          60.00 + 150.00


$ 210.00

Former members in good




Standing of the Parish or




Current members NOT in




Good standing


320.00 + 150.00


Non-Congregational Members




800.00 + 150.00.




These prices also apply to cremation



PRICES    Markers

*Care &                          Total

Maintenance                    Cost


Flat markers over 172 square inches


Upright monument up to 4 feet in

$            50.00

$ 50.00

Height or width



Upright monument over 4 feet in Height or width






* per : Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002